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Green Waste


If you enjoy spending time in your garden, you’ll know just how quickly trees and plants can grow and take over!

Whether you’ve got a small garden with only a few flowering plants, or an acreage with a veggie patch and chooks, our garden bin and bags make a brilliant addition to your gardening routine.

  • Using a Sunbury Garden Bag or Bin makes green waste disposal a whole lot easier…and our simple delivery and collection process means your weeds and cuttings will be out of sight, out of mind.
  • All your green waste can be placed in one of our garden bags or bins including all types of weeds, gum and native tree clippings, dead flowers and flowering plants, shrub, herb and vegetable clippings.

However, please be aware that larger tree branches - those exceeding 1 inch in diameter - shouldn’t be placed in a garden bin or bag.

In addition to all your green waste, your garden bin or bag can also take cardboard, cans, papers and house hold rubbish.

There is no ongoing obligation to use a Sunbury Garden Bag or Bin, you can order one for a few weeks, a few months or a few years, it’s up to you!

So don’t delay, give us a call to book your Sunbury Garden Bag or Bin today!

Large capacity bag and steel frame supplied and emptied Same day pick-up every 4 weeks