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House Cleanouts


Have you moved into a new home only to find it full of waste and junk?

Or perhaps you just need a bit of help clearing out years of rubbish from your attic, cellar or garage?

  • Our friendly team can come and do the hard work for you, clearing out your garage, home or office space ready for you to move in, sell up or simply enjoy!
  • Alternatively, we can supply a Sunbury Garden Bag or Bin to help make the work you’re doing less time consuming, lighter on your wallet and more enjoyable as well! With the capacity of a 6x4 trailer, our sturdy bags are perfect for helping you clear out your household waste, including cardboard, cans and paper.

And if the job is taking longer than you thought, our four weekly collection cycles are perfectly placed to clear away your waste once and for all.

Please remember that while we can take your green and household waste, we cannot take rocks, oil, soil, paint, tyres or batteries - however, your local Council will be able to advise how to best dispose of these items.

There is no ongoing obligation to use a Sunbury Garden Bag or Bin, you can order one for a few weeks, a few months or a few years, it’s up to you!

So don’t delay, give us a call to book your Sunbury Garden Bag or Bin today!

Large capacity bag and steel frame supplied and emptied Same day pick-up every 4 weeks